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Andrew Levitt, MA, t-LMFT


Buckle up!  Choose your intensity level, choose your pace, add some humor and mix them together-- the result is an experiential style of therapy that will wake you up.  

            You're amazing.  Incredible.  Somewhere along the way, you have forgotten this and together we are going to remember.  Breathe it in and step into it. Feel it with your whole body.  

Simultaneously we will envision your ideal future, that world that you long for, but have convinced yourself will never come or you don't deserve.  Step by step, we are going to see it and step into it.  Your distant horizon will become your daily reality.

            I have an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mount Mercy University.  I provide therapy for individuals and couples for issues including anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, relationship issues, life transitions, grief, self-esteem, stress-management and a variety of other mental health challenges. 

            As your therapist, I will invite you to move to your edge and beyond.  Growth oriented, paradoxical, experiential, therapy will shake up your known reality and move you into the unknown. Awaken the inner part of you that longs to be seen.  I believe in the therapeutic power of humor and positivity, the therapy is often a place of joy, laughter and possibility.

            I work with individuals (18 years and older) who are motivated toward change, find themselves marooned on some island they want to escape, or just know they need someone to process life's hardships with. 

            When I work with couples, I often use the PACT model (Psycho-biological Approach to Couples Training) This training offers a cutting-edge modality to work through couple's issues. PACT is a strength based strategic system which provides tools for couples and inherently believes in the power of the couple.  I have a passion for this work and I am currently in the advanced level two training.

            My previous experience includes being a yoga teacher trained in India; involvement with men's movements; being a certified life-coach from CTI; and multiple MA degrees in religious studies (East and West).  I like to work with my hands, constructing things, washing dishes and at times even selling burritos on RAGBRAI.  I am married to an awesome therapist and father to a college student. For hobbies, I like to swim, ride bikes in the country, walk my dog, read books and spend time with friends.  

            Underneath all this, I am deeply involved in spirituality, the alternative type that is beyond words.  Breathwork, bodywork, mystical, a non-dogmatic philosophy  informs me.  I have had the honor and privilege of studying with amazing yogis, shamans and mystics around the world.  I have learned that this stuff is so serious, if you don't take it lightly, it will eat you up for breakfast.

           Give me a call or email and I will get back to you within 24 hours.  You are important and deserve a quick response.  Let's rock this potato!  If you haven't laughed through some of this, come try a session and that will change.

            Se habla espanol, y me encanto la cultura de Latin America.

Please contact me at or (319)-849-5217. 

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The lotus flower represents our ability for transformation. One of the most beautiful flowers, its roots can only grow from the mud, with its petals opening one by one.

Natural Pond


Working with Megan has been so helpful. She’s patient and encouraging. She is not only accepting but has helped me accept myself. So lucky to have found her! 

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